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Jan 17, 2017 18:24

Review of Cards Issuers (Visa/Mastercard/American Express)

Visa Virtual
- a virtual card exclusively for use on the Internet. It was created in order to increase consumer confidence in electronic commerce and enable them to distinguish between the real costs of transport from shops in the Internet environment. For the first time, virtual card was launched in 1999 in Kuwait (SEMEA region). Visa Virtual Card has its own number and date of expiration. This card can not be used in the real store, since it is not the main characteristics of cards Visa, such as magnetic stripe, Trademark payment system and place for signing. Virtual cards are beneficial supplement to the existing Visa cards and are becoming increasingly popular in the region SEMEA. 34 of Visa member bank around the world have already started or are planning to soon begin circulation of Visa Virtual. Several Russian banks also produces cards Visa Virtual.

Jan 16, 2017 18:29

Finding Local Bins In Your Area

When I first started i burned several hundred dollars on bins i thought would work but didn't. If you want to increase your chances of success or just want to find some new bins this article might help you.
Option number one:

Jan 15, 2017 18:21

Dumps+PIN Newbie Tutorial

Newbies: If you are considering in taking this route, I would suggest you read everything you possible can. Get educated before you end up taking a vacation you didn?t intend. As with everything else in life the more you practice the better you get. Start small and work you way up the ladder till you reach the top. Good Luck

Jan 14, 2017 18:26

ATM Hacking [Part 2]

So what you going to do in order to hack and crack the ATM so that the cash machine will give you moremoney than it suppose to? It’s unlikely common ATM trickery or fraud scam that uses various high-techdevices to capture identity of your ATM card and PIN number. Firstly, identify the ATM maker and model from the video on news about ATM reprogramming scam fraud at at a gas station on Lynnhaven Parkway in Virginia Beach.

Jan 14, 2017 18:20

How to select BINs

So your trying to make your instore better, your getting what you think is shitty dumps, or just starting out..
For whatever your reason for reading this, your instore all starts with you. Some will be very sad when they hear that there is no magic way to find a great bin, and when you do find those great bins chances are the supply is limited and you will have to move on to new ones. The only way to keep your success rate high is to do much research into the bank in wich your are looking to purchase bins of.